If we believe that 10-20 years from now, there will be some new and highly successful companies that were built in the years around COVID-19; what would their product or services be? 

Our story began in 2019, when we decided to embark on a new, exciting journey. We wanted to bring great ideas into the spotlight, and create a community with our shared vision for finding and supporting those ideas that will come out as clear winners in a post COVID world. is a fundraising consulting platform backed by a group of venture capitalists and successful entrepreneurs in United States. We have developed this global network with a vision for helping 600+ companies in their fundraising efforts over the next 4 years - in the hopes of finding the answer to the above question.

Since 2019 we have:

Helped more than
get introduction meetings with
1000+ Investors
$50B+ in venture capital $'s
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Indeed, certain industries will be hit harder than others.

Historically, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew. This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next. - Arundhati Roy: ‘The pandemic is a portal’

New ideas which had never been conceived before will now take permanent place in  industries and societies globally.


Whereas, some ideas which were already in the process of disrupting industries - will now be accelerated

Now, more than ever, the world needs courageous entrepreneurs from all walks of life, and from every corner of the planet, to  innovate like never before. As humanity finds itself at the existential crossroads of survival, both in the tight grip of the aggressive COVID-19 pandemic as well as in the resulting ripples of heightened macroeconomic and political insecurity, we are left with a fundamentally changed world in dire need of vivid imagination and brave leadership.

Some areas where new technology will be created and adopted in an accelerated manner

● Sanitation tech
● Governance tech
● Healthcare tech
● Future of work
● Future of education
● eSports / Gaming technology

History has shown time and again that adversity tends to foment the kind of environment necessary to advance major innovation. It is during those times of crisis - where problems increasingly pop out of thin air - that humanity, somehow, is forced out of its conformity to tackle the surplus of challenges head-on with the most unlikely of approaches and solutions. Given that there is no shortage of problems in our world today, it becomes crystal clear that we are about to enter a new golden age of global growth and innovation. And startups will lead the way ahead. This means that now is the chance for entrepreneurs everywhere to innovate across the broad spectrum of problems on this planet. From governance, to pollution and inequality, to education, hunger, and disease, there is an endless supply of opportunity for all.

Regardless of what sectors stay/get disrupted; one clear winner from this pandemic will be the tech industry 

If you are not convinced that crisis is prime time for entrepreneurs, keep in mind that some of the most important companies today were born out of global crises, adversity, and economic meltdowns: General Motors, Facebook, IBM,Google, Disney, HP, Uber, General Electric, Pinterest, Trader Joe’s, Salesforce, Netflix, Hyatt, Cloudera, Microsoft, Airbnb, FedEx, Venmo, Instagram, Slack, Whatsapp, Square, Revlon, Warby Parker, MTV, among others. 


But how did those iconic brands launch, let alone survive, and eventually transform into world-class business titans? The word is adaptability. When we founded the NetworkVC Investor Outreach  Accelerator, we did so with the goal of helping entrepreneurs succeed. And we understand that success in the startup game entails much more than having a game-changing idea, a strong team, and loads of capital. We firmly believe that to succeed, entrepreneurs need a strong community and support network that will help them prepare for the big challenges and bigger opportunities that await ahead. Moreover, they need resilience.

We believe that recovery is inevitable

As such, our mission is to make the knowledge, network, and the communities that develop around strong accelerator programs available to everyone regardless of stage and location in the world. That is why our two-month accelerator programs for Seed & Series C companies, including content and interactions, are 100% online and remote. Given that hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs now need to shelter in place and stay at home,  has a bigger and brighter opportunity than ever to help more startups become resilient amidst the waves of chaos.


Our criteria:

We only consider selected companies. Our entrepreneurs need to meet minimum investment criteria which we define our target amend as follow:
  • $100k annual revenue (realized or reasonably projected)
  • preferably: previous angel or VC round & exited accelerator or incubator program
  • validated product-market fit
  • have started international expansion
  • seeking Seed, Series A and Series B VC rounds in growth capital up to $100m
Other than the above we look for companies that bear the following traits:

  • Compelling market opportunity

  • Sustainable competitive advantage through technology, product or process

  • Product / market fit

  • Solid unit economics

  • Referenceable customer base

  • Proven management team

Our focus sectors:

Enterprise Software

Mobility / Smart Transport / Smart Citites

Artificial Intelligence



Industrial Automation

Drones / Advanced Robotics

Education technology