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For mid sized businesses, Governments and Enterprises we are trusted partners in pursuing innovation outcomes such as →


New Product / Services creation


Building in-house Accelerators


Technology Development -
A.I, Computer Vision, Robotics


Inculcating advanced technologies into  core of the business 


Technology Transfer / Acquisition


Tapping into data pipelines that can guide better organisational decision making

Abstract Paint

90 Days
Our proprietary research driven methodology discovers products within 90 days and launches them at scale within nine months, creating unfair advantages and outsized growth.

Build for the future

At, we don’t fit into an existing box, and neither do our corporate partners.

We’re creating an entirely new category, because new problems need new solutions, and new technologies need new markets. We partner with the world’s most influential organizations to create game changing businesses — together. This means we take risk and coinvest in every product and solution we build

Harnessing the global collective genius

At we are cognizant of the fact that genius minds are not limited to any particular geography. And as such we are believe in working with some of the most innovative companies and individuals, located around the globe to solve the world biggest problems. 


Emerging Economies are a critical focus for us

We believe that in 2023 technology exists that is not reliant on legacy infrastructure, and allows for the creation of transformative social, economic and strategic outcomes.
Plastic to Biofuel, Biodigester, Wave energy, Piezoelectric walkways, Smart Grid Management, 3D Printed houses, Wave powered desalination are just some of the examples of such technologies. 

"With the help of Venture Partners, we were able to grow the geographies in which we operate seamlessly, allowing our revenues to 5X in the course of 4 months."

-  Founder and CEO @ ZUMA Research

New York based technology holdings company ($150M+ market value) in the United States partnered with Venture Partners to develop a prototype for a computer vision based system to automate the Range of Motion analysis that Physiotherapist performs on patients.


Our engagement produced:

  • Technology feasibility document

  • Fully functional MVP

  • GitHub repository with novel proprietary algorithms for ROM assessment


Washington DC based publicly traded company in the United States partnered with Venture Partners to explore the possibility of development of a Sentient Artificial Intelligence system.


Our engagement produced:

  • Technology feasibility document

  • Venture Strategy and Road Map document

North Carolina based Organic LED (OLED) manufacturer in the United States partnered with Venture Partners to find customers internationally within the automotive sector


Our engagement is on-going and exploring outcomes such as:

  • Sales Partnership development with major retailers of luxury motorcycles in South Asia 

  • Compiling a Board of Directors 

  • Formation of a Sales and Operations team which focuses on US and international sales

Swingaroo is on a mission to reinvent the way they analyze and improve human movement in GolfAt Swingaroo , we are passionate about the intersection of sports and technology. they believe the use of technology in sport can help coaches and athletes improve performance in a way thatwas not possible before. Created in 2023, Swingaroo applies the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and body motion capture to help golf affeciandos, coaches and athletes see what the human eyes cannot see. Our innovative wireless, markerless, and sensorless software-based platform collects, analyzes and displays human motion data in real-time, raising both the understanding and improvement possibilities of movement in sports to whole new levels.

  • Some of the main features are:
    Key swing positions
    Virtual Balance plate
    Side by side comparison
    Drawing tools
    Export Videos
    Controlled drills
    Ease of access

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