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It is no secret that founders’ access to supportive networks is not evenly distributed, especially with regard to capital. For every entrepreneur who easily raises a $3M seed round, there are hundreds of others who start their journeys without anyone in mind who would write even a seed check.


Over the past few months at, we’re proud to have made a dent on bridging these divides, and we have seen the power that transparency, collaboration, and community can have in expanding accessibility within our industry. 


hands-on, Partnership mentality

We know that startups succeed thanks to the sweat, blood, and tears of the founders and the support of an army of believers. From seeking first-check angel investors and early advisors, to entering the pursuit of the much larger rounds (Series A, Series B, and beyond), it often takes a village of advisors to get a startup up and running as a successful venture-backed (or not) business. Through this platform, our Venture Partners are looking for long term opportunities to assume Advisory board positions with the companies we successfully help fundraise for. We get paid a fair (pre-negotiated) retainer for our post-success Advisory Board Services. In that way, our incentive to help companies is very much aligned with the companies with do take on - both in spirit and in letter! We’re your expert, we’re your partner, and we deliver results, guaranteed – if you win, we win.


We believe in fundamentally disrupting and permanently changing the role of middle-man economy. Some are damn expensive (Read: $50k for a pitch deck), and chances are that they are not going to be worth it). Don't get us wrong. While, most fundraising consultants will barely move the needle on a fundraise, a superstar may not just get you a better term sheet, they may fundamentally transform the entire course of your startup’s trajectory. Those are the stakes. Over the past many years, we have been demystifying and platform-izing the process that these outperforming superstar middle men follow to seek capital for companies they work with. In fact, our mission it to become even-better. 
Our team has invested in or helped founders directly close millions in venture funding from top venture capital firms and angel networks.  We challenge founders (who we choose) that if we don't open doors with at least 5 venture capital firms, we will refund our (already miniscule) upfront retainer.

leverage the power of our network to add weightage Behind your fundraise is founded and backed by a group of venture capitalists and startup founder who have transacted or raised significant amount of venture capital. Having NetworkVC Venture Partners lend the combined support and endorsement behind your company does lend additional gravitas to your investment opportunity, allowing for increased and more thorough deal reviews. 

SAVE 400+ Hours of IN-house research and investor identification

We believe that founders should be able to focus on venture building, instead of blocking out entire months soliciting warm introductions or on-boarding expensive financial advisors, investor relations hires etc. - efforts that are counter productive of a high quality entrepreneurs time, especially if they are building out a truly amazing venture. We have taken the time to research and track investors across 1000s of global venture firms. View our sample research on 1407 VC firms by clicking on the Airtable embedded here.
Fun Fact: There are 1,288 Growth stage (Series B +) Investors in Asia Pacific region alone.

A Truly disruptive approach 

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We boast a vast and global network. Our network, combined with our 24/7/365 Research efforts, allows us to know a lot of individuals within VC investor base who want to see good deserving startups progress especially on fundraising.

By allowing us to spearhead your fundraise you essentially get your deal shared with ~3000 VC investors, representing 1500+ VC firms, in a matter of 3 weeks.

Our unique approach makes use of network effects, top rated platforms, software, and tools for connecting cohort companies with investors. No other accelerator, consultant or banker can claim this thorough coverage or this speed of delivery.  We know, because we have each type of these stakeholders as our customers already. 

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