For selected companies, our Platform as a Service offering is jet fuel to tap global venture capital in post COVID virtual fundraising climate.

Access to our Research Platform is shared selectively and by membership (only for start-up founders).

For more information on how we facilitate companies on their fundraising prospects, request access here

Our 20+ member research team works 24/7 to track global venture capitalists. Here are some of the features we track and update on 5000+ investors around the world:

Investor name

Investor Title

Investor Email

Fund description

Typical Check size

Fund Location

These investors represent 64 countries, and 200 cities globally. 

Including 1000+ US based Investors (across 30+ states)

Other ecosystems represented:

Dubai, Singapore, France, Germany, Israel, Canada,

Netherlands, Singapore, Mexico and Australia, among others.

Focus areas: 50+ Sectors 

Fin-tech, Consumer, AI/ML, Robotics, Ag-tech, Health tech, Mobility, AR/VR,

Robotics, Drones, Education. Commerce, Marketplaces, IoT,

Biotech, Security, Wellness, SaaS, Food, Insurtech,

Block-chain, Future of Work, Clean-tech.


and many more

Active VC's across all stages

Pre Seed (~30%)

Seed (~53%)

Series A (~60%)

Series B (~20%)

Growth (~20%)