Dear all,

We have three affiliate partner programs divided between internal and external partners to help us source startups into our accelerator program. 

Venture Scouts

Venture Scouts are an important part of our accelerator network as they are our eyes and ears out in the world and often also mentor and invest into our companies. 

Scouts typically already operate in the startup world and deal-sourcing so referring great startups from their networks into our accelerator programs is a natural fit. Our Venture Scouts are our external partners (investors, mentors, firms, influencers, etc) that help us source startups


Startup Ambassadors

Startup Ambassadors play a pivotal part in our global ecosystem development and bring attention to our unique approach at working with high potential startups.  Startup Ambassadors are our internal startup CEO’s that refer their own networks to apply to the accelerator.

Venture Partners

Venture Partner is a senior advisory position within our international business development team. Regional Venture Partners are our international business development partners who represent NetworkVC as an organization at events, conferences etc. They join our quarterly strategy meetings, and host annual webinars on specific topics as pertinent to venture capital and innovation landscape developments in various parts of the world.